About Our Club

The CSRA Flyers is an Academy of Model Aeronautics chartered RC flying club (AMA Charter #226). We were first charted on December 8, 1969 which makes us the fourth oldest club in Georgia and the oldest club in South Carolina.  

We are a private club with membership and annual dues. We are located at 1199 Horseshoe Road Augusta, GA. We have been at this same location for over 40 years.

Our flying field spans 10 acres and has both a grass runway, a geotextile runway and a paved runway. The new geotextile runway was installed on 1/16/16. A flight line clearly differentiates the runway/flight area from the pit area. 

The club's pit area includes 2 pavilions, picnic tables, repair benches and runup stands.

Club members have access to the flying field 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.  We typically meet up every Saturday (weather permitting) for flying and fellowship.

Fortunately, the weather in our part of Georgia allows us to fly pretty much year around.  Visitors are always welcome to come and watch as long as club members are present.